Join the Guild as a Studio Member (prior approval needed)

Membership – General Description

Membership is open all those interested in working with clay. Applicants must be 16 or older on October 1st of the current membership year and follow the instructions below. Memberships run from Oct 1st to Sept 30th,

Studio memberships taken after Dec 1st are adjusted from the approval date to the following Sept 30th. After May 1, there is a flat fee of $150. The “guild service” commitment hours prorate to 3 hours per month.

Important note: For members who paid the full 2020/21 studio fee, and who are renewing their membership for the 2021/22 year, a special renewal rate of $225 is available if you renew on/before September 30, 2020. After this date, the rate will return to $310. For new studio members, the normal annual rate applies.

Studio Membership – $310/year

Attend monthly meetings, receive monthly email newsletter, vote on Guild matters. Eligible to participate in sales. 36 hours/year mandatory Guild service hours. Use of ClayWorks studio.

Note: Studio Membership Acceptance is required before making payment.

Those applying for Studio Membership after Sept. 30 will have fees prorated monthly until May 1, after that date, the flat rate of $150 is charged. Online payment is not possible for prorated memberships.

ClayWorks Studio is a Fragrance Free Environment

Download    clayworks studio membership assessment form 2020
Access   BPG Membership Jotform and complete it
Download   Code of Conduct
Download   ClayWorks Studio Policies 

Membership Questions Email brantfordpottersguild(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Please ensure that you meet the requirements prior to  applying to be a Studio Member.

Click here to purchase your studio membership.

Requirements for Becoming a Studio Member

You should have at least 3 of the following before applying to become a Studio Member:

1. Do you have at least 3 years’ experience working with clay, either wheel or hand building?

2. Do you have at least intermediate level 1 according to ClayWorks curriculum charts?

3. Do you have the recommendation of a teacher at ClayWorks?

4. Are you an established potter (working with clay elsewhere) and have a portfolio to show off?


Demonstrate thorough knowledge of how a clay studio operates (safety, equipment, cleaning, glazing, ware handling).

Procedure for Approval

1. Read Clayworks Studio Policies
2. Send us your filled Membership Application and Studio Membership Form
3. Have interview with Studio Manager
4. If you are accepted, you pay and you’re in!