Welcome to the Brantford Potters’ Guild

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Monday Minis are back!

Hand Building Ursula O’Brien will run on November 14, 21 & 28th.

Registration is open!
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Read our ClayWorks Studio Covid19 Safety Plan before registering

Our Safety Plan

Protocols for classes and safe working guidelines for students and members  – March 2022 update:

The Province of Ontario has loosened many of the restrictions that were in place because of the Covid 19 pandemic. We recognize that Covid 19 is not gone, but that our restrictions can also be loosened. It is one of our foremost concerns to continue to have the safest space for pottery creation that we can provide. Please read these details of our updated Safety Plan.

Please DO NOT enter the Clay Works Studio if you feel ill.

Protocols for classes and safe working guidelines for students and guild members:

  • Members may not come to the studio during class time for any reason.
  • All members and students will still be required to sign the Studio waiver.
  • 15 Students will be allowed for each adult class. 12 students will be allowed for each Kids and Youth Class. Please try to maintain some social distancing.
  • Mask wearing is recommended but not mandatory
  • Each wheel will have a rinsing bucket and sponge to reduce congregating at the sink.
  • Instructors will manage their classes to ensure that sink and glaze areas do not become overcrowded.
  • The washroom is open and accessible. There will be spray bottles of cleaner available. Students will be required to do a quick clean of the toilet seat, flush lever, paper towel dispenser lever, taps, light switch and door handles after using the washroom.
  • We are still requiring studio users to sign in and out. Instructors will be required to keep attendance and the students will have to sign in as well. Instructors too must sign in and out. Members must sign in. Full names and telephone numbers will be required.
  • Cleaning is as important as ever. Each student/member must clean their area: wheels, tools, nearby shelves and floor thoroughly.
  • It may be prudent for you to include hand sanitizer and paper towels in your tool kit.

Aliki Mikulich