Welcome to the Brantford Potters’ Guild

Happy New Year!! Winter 2022 classes start soon!


Brantford Potters’ Guild and ClayWorks Studio during the Covid19 Pandemic:

As of September 13th , 2021, anyone age 12 and over who enters ClayWorks studio for any reason (student, teacher, studio member) must show proof of having had two COVID-19 vaccines. Currently, you’re able to access your vaccine certificates here.

Clayworks has implemented a strict safety protocol which includes spacing of work areas, available disinfectant and cleaning supplies, marking of 2 metre spacing and a strict mask-wearing policy. Safety protocols must be adhered to at all times.  If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, have any symptoms (fever, difficulty breathing, upset stomach, cough) do not enter the studio.  Hand sanitizer is located throughout the studio.  Upon entrance and when handling studio items, sanitize your hands using the sanitizer provided.  MASKS ARE MANDATORY. A limited supply of disposable non-medical masks are available if you have forgotten yours – they are not optional.

The maximum number of people allowed in the studio is determined by provincial and Public Health guidelines and cannot be exceeded for any reason. The studio is open for scheduled 3 hour work periods.  If you are a member of ClayWorks you should have received your link for signing up to work.   There are several time slots to choose from to ensure only 10 members are in the space at one time.

COVID-19 Safety Plan: ClayWorks Studio

Protocols for classes and safe working guidelines for students and members:

  • All persons age 12 and over must be fully vaccinated to use our facilities. Proof of vaccination will be required. Our definition of fully vaccinated will be considered the same as the definition for the Province of Ontario.
  • Members must book a spot on line before they come to the studio
  • Members may not come to the studio during class time for any reason. Each class is a self-contained bubble and must be respected as such.
  • Members who choose to drop by the studio for pick up or drop off (outside of class time) must NOT enter the studio if there are already 15 people inside.
  • All members and students will be required to sign the Covid 19 waiver.
  • There will be NO out of class hours practice time available for this session.
  • 13 Students will be allowed for each adult class with the proper social distance of six feet apart.
  • KN or N95 Masks, not shields, must be worn at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Each wheel will have a rinsing bucket and sponge. Congregating at the sink is to be avoided
  • Students who want to hand build can access the tables, one at each table, managed by the instructor if there happens to be more than 2 who would like to hand-build. Hand building spots can be booked online for members
  • The glaze area can handle 2 to 4 people. The instructor will manage their class strategies so that the need to glaze doesn’t cause back up. Glaze spots can be booked online for members.
  • The washroom is open and accessible. There will be spray bottles of cleaner available. Students will be required to do a quick clean of toilet seat, flush lever, paper towel dispenser lever, taps, light switch and door handles after using the washroom.
  • We are required to keep an accurate record of who is in the building at all times. Instructors will be required to keep attendance and the students will have to sign in as well. Instructors too must sign in and out. Members must sign in. Full names and telephone numbers will be required.
  • Teaching strategies will have to have more demonstration at a separate wheel and more asking the student to step back to watch something on their own wheel.
  • Students/members are encouraged to bring their own tools. The Health Unit has advised us not to share tools. A tool must be sterilized before it can be passed to another person.
  • Cleaning is more important than ever. Each student/member must clean and disinfect their area: wheels, tools, nearby shelves and floor thoroughly.
  • It may be prudent for you to include hand sanitizer and paper towels in your tool kit.

Aliki Mikulich